– Ron Paul is a pro-Israel Zionist.

– Ron Paul is a pro-globalism free trader.

– Ron Paul is a pro-black “civil rights” advocate.

– Ron Paul is a pro-immigrant open borders politician.

– Ron Paul is an “anti-racist” cultural Marxist egalitarian.

– The truth about libertarianism and “Austrian” economics.

5 Responses to “Ron Paul Exposed”

  1. Jim Says:

    Good! Finally someone who gets it and has the truth behind this Ron Paul insanity.

    • bargain bob Says:

      so wtf is your plan? oclinton? or maybe another bush?
      I haven’t seen paul kiss bibbys as so far but i’ve seen the rest on their knees all puckered up.

      • Jim Says:

        STFU lame ass. Another Clinton or Bush? Get real moron.

        Maybe someone like Robert Taft or Lawrence MacDonald shit-for-brains.

        Ron Paul has been kissing kike ass and is surrounded by kikes, if you are too stupid to see this for what it is, well…lol

        Anyway, even if the votes were counted legitimately and Paul did miraculously win–do you actually believe he would live to see the day of inauguration?

        Ron Paul is soft on immigration and has no allegiance to what America was and what made it so. He couldn’t care less about how we are losing our national identity to the flood of legal and illegal immigration. this clown believes that it will all just magically work out under his delusional idealism, it won’t.

        Race is number one and Ron Paul is a multiculturalist/social Marxist on all things not financial. He has zero allegiance to whites.

        Ron Paul is bad news, he is a false hope

        Voting and elections are one big joke, it’s far too late to believe that a political solution will save us. The train is going downhill fast with no brakes towards some broken tracks at a precipice.

        even if this Saint Ron Paul did make it in and lived, how much do you think he could get done with both establishment parties working against him?

        Face it, the game is over. No way America will last much more than another decade in any condition, certainly not with 50 states. Civil war is imminent, face it. No savior is coming to save you, deal with this reality.

        The only thing Ron Paul has done is to give morons false hope in a system that is broken beyond repair.

  2. S Says:

    It doesn’t matter if Ron Paul wins or not; true power lies in Congress/Senate. And you will never clean out the corruption. How many have actually read the Constitution, I wonder?

    The only way to save this country is to throw out the Republic, re-write the Constitution so it serves the people’s interests and put in place a Nationalist Government. No gold-backed currency, as the Jews own all the gold. I can already hear the Ron Paulbots crying “Fascist, Nazi!”. It’s going to be very difficult to fix this, with enemies on all sides, but it’s doable.

    That evil man Adolf showed us how to free ourselves from the Jew; follow his lead or prepare to become another chapter in history.

    • Pat Says:

      With all due respect – the real power resides in those who control the debt based money creation and “lending” scam, the practice of charging interest for the use of instantly created money, and associated practices.

      Those people are private individuals comprising a Jewish Globalist Conspiracy network.

      The struggle we face here is one of individual freedom vs. perpetual slavery. It is that simple.

      This struggle has been going on for many, many years under different guises. The only thing that has changed is the date.

      The problem is Jews. Judaism is a Cult that specifically authorizes the charging of interest for the use of money (usury) to be used against all non-Jews and never against Jews.

      That is why it is illegal for one Jew to charge interest against another Jew in Israel. Even their credit cards work differently. The default there is that credit cards operate as deferred debit cards.

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